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Originally Posted by TwoGuyswithaHat View Post
Something doesn't seem to add up about this.

The boarder agent seemed to go from questioning to asking the guy to get out of the car awful quick IMHO.
I did notice that too. I would think that "I am going to (specific mall)" would be eniough, but maybe there was a bit before the audio kicked in where the guy was b3eing a jackass.

Plus the "What country am I cistizens of?" comment was pretty wise-assy. Not smart to tease a border agent about his grammer. It just pisses him off and if he gets pissed off, you have a very bad day.


The other thing that sounds off is the reverberation from room to room, especially the last room. The reverberation makes the room sound much larger than I'd imagine it would be in reality.
A jail cell would have hard walls and be inside a larger roo with other hard surfaces causeing this effect.


1- A setup. A wise-ass deliberately brought a recorder with him to tape himself pissing off the guards. He probably wanted to post it on a wall about how america's jackbooted thugs mistreated him at the border crossing.

2- a fake. This was done in a studio or some other location.

3- real- maybe the guy felt he was getting harassed and turned on the recorder at the point where he was losing his temper. It might explain why the officer was so quick to remove him from the car - this had been going on for some time before the audio starts.

I'm leaning toward the first one. I think a fake would have ended with him getting a (fictional) beat-down and in the last it would be too unlikely that he'd have a recorder that they would not find. If he'd had it planted, it may be small enough, like a wristwatch, that he could avoid having it taken away. Something like this. (yes, I know it is a video camera, but this guy could have had one that was audio only or the video was so bad that it was thrown out.)
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