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I had a professor spend 20-30 minutes at the beginning of each (80 minute) class on a diatribe about whatever was bothering him that day (literally that long; I once asked him if I could just take my quiz and leave about 30 minutes into a rant that on that day lasted 45 minutes, but he wouldn't pass out the quiz until he was done ranting). That ranged from the evils of the tenure system to some class at Harvard he'd just read about that he thought they shouldn't offer (note: this was not Harvard, so it was even less relevant).

I had another professor who, none-too-subtly, made it clear that socialism was the only valid political system, and that we had to think so, too, to do well in his class (or at least pretend to think so). Another professor held similar views about population control and family size (no more than two children per couple).

I had yet another professor, a liberal Protestant, who spent a lot of time ranting about evangelicals, and actually did spend a huge amount of time actively attempting to convert the evangelicals (to liberal Protestantism). This involved a range of things from guilt tripping and distorting things they said to outright mocking, in private and in public, sending nasty emails to students, and blatantly violating University policies with respect to confidentiality about grades.

This made her enemies among evangelicals, liberal Protestants, Jews, Catholics, atheists, and others, as it happens.

But for the most part, professors are more interested in helping students learn how to deal with the course material than they are about their bully pulpits, in my experience, despite several memorable exceptions.
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