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I'm an atheist professor, too, and I can't imagine a bigger waste of time than what's described in the OP.

Were the class and the teacher just staring at each other? For a full 15 minutes? If I was a student, I'd probably just leave the class if it was a good portion of "waiting for God to do something."

The closest thing I had to a professor like the one in the OP was for my Philosophy of Religion class in college. He was Jewish, but incredibly well-versed in many religions as well as atheism. He would set forth different ways that different beliefs (or non-beliefs) would/could test if there was a God and the reasons they might do so and we would discuss if those methods were rational/appropriate. It might be something like, "An atheist might pose this challenge to God. If he's successful, does it mean there is no God? If he's not, is that then proof of God? Why or why not based on the different beliefs?"
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