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The big claims here should not get drawn into a debate about what constitutes slavery. The Irish were never systematically treated as another race, period. Indentured servitude was not limited to the Irish (or white people as another version of these memes claims). Indentured servitude is not chattel slavery - being different in every aspect: scope, severity, violence, duration, legal status, racial motivation, long-term effects, etc, etc.

More recently, and, to my mind one of the more obnoxious false claims, is the assertion that whites or Irish took all kinds of abuse "without rioting or complaining". That is a giant load of steaming history horsespit. Riots and protests have been quite common and rather violent throughout US history and until the middle of last century nearly all of them were whites (because in those rare cases when blacks did do it, they were quite often executed for it). The idea that black people in Ferguson and Baltimore invented rioting is an audacious and racist lie.

What we really need to teach in black history month is the actual history refutes these racist lies. I don't know if they're any more common than they were 40 years ago but they're popping up more and more frequently in social media. Some of this is white supremacists slyly and deliberately attempting to deny history. People who don't know any better (and, many who really should) are unwitting reposting this spit without knowing (or, perhaps just as often not really caring) that they are part of this deliberate effort that is exactly akin to the whole Birth of a Nation era movements.

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