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Watermelon flavor, IME, varies considerably between varieties.

Try some Blacktail Mountain, if you can find it; which, unless you grow your own, may not be easy. A farmers' market might have some, however. (It's a small "icebox" type, red flesh, yes it does have seeds.)

And did you know that ripe peppers have more vitamin C than oranges?

-- Thing I learned today: that a high percentage of google search results for ripe peppers and vitamin c include incorrect, or at least partially correct, information. Most of them say that red sweet peppers are riper than yellow ones: in other words, that sweet peppers start off green, then turn yellow, then turn red. This is true of a few varieties; but many varieties go straight from green to red with no yellow stage, and some varieties go from green to yellow and the yellow is the full ripe color; they have no red stage. So both yellow and red sweet peppers found in the market may be equally ripe. Some orange peppers are also fully ripe.

(As far as I know, purple peppers are never fully ripe. A few varieties have a purple color stage; but all the ones I can find turn red or orangy-red when fully ripe.)

I'll have to make sure my signage and spiel at market are clear. I've noticed that reds often sell better than yellows; it hadn't occured to me that some of the customers may think the yellows aren't ripe yet.
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