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Originally Posted by Not_Done_Living View Post
when people are paying $5 for a product that can EASILY be made at home with the same quality for less than $1 i have no sympathy
Really? Judging by what I see at the grocery store, and sticking to the cheapest ingredients available (store brand or sale items), a roll that size would run about $1, the meat would run from $1-2, the cheese would be about 30-50 cents. Then there are all the veggies - a tomato runs about 60-75 cents, and it would take about a third of it to equal Subway, with a very roughly similar situation for most of the other vegs. As a rough estimate, without even taking into account the wastage problems others have mentioned, I figure the ingredients for a typical Subway sandwich could not be less than $3. Then there is the labor, clean-up and the spoilage concerns if not all of the tomato, lettuce, etc. gets used within a couple of days. A lot of takeout ends up being pretty comparable to what a person could do it for at home, with of course, the drawback of having to accept the ingredients available at the takeout. But then, if you are going to be more picky about those, you are also going to have to go for a higher grocery price to make it at home as well.
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