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Originally Posted by Not_Done_Living View Post
when people are paying $5 for a product that can EASILY be made at home with the same quality for less than $1 i have no sympathy
I never understood that argument. Unless you're getting nothing but meat and cheese on your sandwich, each ingredient you add complicates the whole "just make it at home" claim. I'm sure I could buy tomatoes, lettuce, onions, spinach, and black olives at the store, along with a few different types of cold cuts and cheeses - not to mention a handful of different bottles of dressing - and get the price under 1$/sandwich. However, this only holds true if nothing goes bad before I use it all (highly unlikely with the short lifespan of fresh, cut veggies), that I have room in my fridge for everything (how many people have a dozen different Tupperware containers?) and that I have the time and talent to neatly chop up all those vegetables in the first place. If I shell out five bucks for Subway, it's because I want the convenience of fast food (which in itself comes at a price) with a variety of ingredients I couldn't really maintain at home, which more than justifies the higher price tag for me. YMMV, of course.
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