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Greetings, all. Here are the answers to last week's questions and this week's new ones for us all to ponder. As always, the question 7 is delayed a week.


1. What popular ornamental garden shrub is named for the shape of its flowers, from Greek words for "water vessel"? "Hydrangea" comes from the same watery Greek root as "hydrant" and words like that. Hail Hydrangea.

2. In March, what two actors became the first father-and-son team ever to win Razzies for their appearance in the same movie? Will and Jaden Smith, for their unforgettable work in...uh. Hold on. I genuinely just had to Google this, no lie. After Earth.

3. Last weekend, Adam Scott of Australia had the chance to take over the world #1 ranking in what sport from its injured holder? Scott was one of three golfers who could have taken over Tiger Woods's #1 spot...but none of them performed quite well enough at the Players Championship. But this week, Scott was able to pass Woods without even picking up a club.

4. The River Liffey is a minor waterway, only 75 miles long, but it's well-known for passing through what national capital? Dublin. Riverrun.

5. After a 105-year-run, McCall's magazine ceased publication in 2002 after a year of being renamed for what TV personality, its new editorial director? McCall's was briefly named "Rosie" during its ignominious final year.

6. The Crimean War began in 1853 when what power, no longer found on maps, attacked Russia? Before the British or French were even on the board, the Russians were fighting the Ottoman Empire over the Crimea.

7. What unusual distinction is shared by these U.S. presidents, and no others? Taylor, Pierce, Buchanan, Benjamin Harrison, Wilson, Truman, Eisenhower, Ford, Carter, Clinton. These are the only presidents from their respective home state. (Not "state of birth"--Obama was born in Hawaii (ALLEGEDLY!!!) but his state of residence when he ran for the presidency was Illinois, so he doesn't make the list.)


1. What country's current president, Michael Martelly, became famous there in the 1990s as Sweet Micky, a popular "compas" musician?

2. What television actor, best known for a 1960s role, released his own fragrance line last year, "Eau My"?

3. What word for a halogen salt can also refer to a boring cliche, because it was once a common ingredient in sedatives?

4. Or, gules, vert, and purpure are among the colors used in what art form and field of study?

5. The chorus of Mack Rice's biggest hit song, later made famous by Wilson Pickett, incidentally includes the name of what future astronaut?

6. What best-selling 2012 novel begins with the disappearance of Amy Dunne from her new hometown, North Carthage, Missouri?

7. What unusual distinction is shared by these famous people? Eubie Blake, Gordon Brown, Tim Daly, Langston Hughes, Hugh Laurie, Paul McCartney, Tim McCarver, David Niven, Dan Quayle, Strom Thurmond.