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I'm a bit surprised he didn't list all of the different teams in his answer. The only one I can add to his list is that the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes used to be the Winnipeg Jets. When the Atlanta Thrashers moved to Winnipeg a couple seasons ago, they took the old team name.
I think the Jets was his point. The Coyotes were the Jets, just like the current Brewers were the Orioles.


1. What popular ornamental garden shrub is named for the shape of its flowers, from Greek words for "water vessel"? No clue. Never really knew much Greek.

2. In March, what two actors became the first father-and-son team ever to win Razzies for their appearance in the same movie? Only father son combo I can think of are the Douglas' family. Don't think it was them.

3. Last weekend, Adam Scott of Australia had the chance to take over the world #1 ranking in what sport from its injured holder? Number 1. Must be tennis.

4. The River Liffey is a minor waterway, only 75 miles long, but it's well-known for passing through what national capital? Dublin.

5. After a 105-year-run, McCall's magazine ceased publication in 2002 after a year of being renamed for what TV personality, its new editorial director? Oprah

6. The Crimean War began in 1853 when what power, no longer found on maps, attacked Russia? The Ottoman Empire. (at least one I know)

7. What unusual distinction is shared by these U.S. presidents, and no others? Taylor, Pierce, Buchanan, Benjamin Harrison, Wilson, Truman, Eisenhower, Ford, Carter, Clinton. The First Lady created foundations that bordered on presidential proclamation.