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Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post
Is that to make travel safer or to "encourage" more people to take the bus? And how do you know it is deliberate?
Let's start out by saying that the motives foranything done by the Seattle City Council are muddled. Their actions and reasons rarely seem to make sense when evaluated together.

That said, they have been very up front about the fact that slowing drivers down is a major reason behind putting arterials on what they call "road diets". They say this is to make it safer for bicyclists (who, btw, are not licensed or registered and do not contribute to the costs of any of this roadwork).

Yes, they want more people to ride transit. The way they're encouraging this is to put bus stops farther apart, cancel bus routes going directly downtown from outside the core, and eliminate parking at the bus transfer stations.

How do I know this is deliberate? Because when they change the bus stop to prevent the bus from pulling over, they have to open the project to public comment, explain what they are doing and why. Note: they will not actually change anything if the public comments show deep disapproval of the plan. What the public wants or thinks isn't relevant.