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Originally Posted by Fiver View Post
I think that she killed her little brother as revenge for what her father did to the kittens, and then, when her mother discovered this, taunted her by saying that god took him in the same way that god took the kittens. It is understood by both mother and daughter, though, that god didn't actually play a roll in either of the drownings.
Late in, but after reading the OP I would tend to agree to a point. Consider this, the little girl sees that unwanted things are drowned. Little brothers aren't exactly prizes for most little girls, so she took care of what she didn't want in the same manner as her father did. No need to be sociopathic for this, the kid learned by example. Of course, one would hope that the child would be able to weigh the difference between a human life and an animal life, but hey, her daddy's the freak out there drowning kittens. She doesn't have too good of a role model.
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