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Originally Posted by Lainie View Post
Just a (stupid) tempest in a teapot...
Interesting choice of words, Lainie. Not long ago an all-female, mostly nude production of "the Tempest" was performed in Central Park, and later at Brooklyn's Prospect Park. Not on stages per se, but in fairly open public areas. (Full nudity is allowed in artistic productions in NYC.) I actually attended a portion of one of the Central Park shows - I was in town for a job interview.

Since the shows were endorsed by a local topfree rights group, several women in the audience took their tops off. The rest of the crowd, a fairly down-to-earth cross-section of NY population, seemed quite unfazed. The sponsoring group mentions similar lack of concern during most of their outings in area parks.

And yes, most women in New York do keep their shirts on.
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