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Comment: Tell your Snopes Staff, Editors, and those who are responsible about Mocking, Degrading, and Harming Our President Trump and some of his Administrators, will GET SUED and Prosecuted for your FALSE HARMFUL Comments. Snopes is causing MORE HARM and Division and VIOLENCE to our society because of your Harmful False Comments, and you are going to get SUED up YOUR ASSHOLE, and Some People said YOU Should be BURNT ALIVE. Your ****ing EVIL Harmful FALSE ARTICLES on President Trump and some other people, are CAUSING MORE HARM, and VIOLENCE to People. Tell your CANCEROUS Snopes Staff, editors, and your ****ING EVIL Writers who are Writing Harmful Damaging FALSE Articles and Photos that you are Going to get SUED and PROSECUTED. CURSE AND DAM be Upton your CANCEROUS Snopes Staff and YOUR Mocking CANCEROUS CHILDREN.
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