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Last night, a car hit my neighbor's truck parked in front of my house (I live in a fourplex). It's the second time this has happened this year (different neighbor's car the other other time). There's nothing particularly difficult about this section of street, no sharp curves, and cars are parked on the street all up and down this neighborhood, so I'm not sure what's so special about my house.

My wife and I were actually playing a video game where you intentionally crash cars, when we heard the crash outside. The driver's car suffered a lot more damage than the parked pickup truck (which is quite large). He was disoriented, possibly in shock, and didn't speak English very well, so we never found out why he lost control. It was raining, but the roads didn't feel very slick. My wife says she thought she smelled alcohol, but I don't know. We called the police, and stayed with the guy until the ambulance arrived.
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