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Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
But, at least in the USA, military remembrance ceremonies seem to generally be all about the heroism and the comradeship. Not about the waste. And not about preventing horrific mistakes.
I think this might be a key difference between our two countries. Here, it is still focussed largely on the loss of life. Many Remembrance Day ceremonies here have readings of letters from the trenches (from WWI), in an effort to not lose the human contact we had with those that were killed.

In Remembrance Day, at least, the jingoism and over use of the word "hero" is not so pronounced. It is getting there on other days, but for the present, Remembrance Day seems to be still about remembering those that died in conflict.

I did a Veteran's Day in Oklahoma one year and was surprised when it was also the date of a medal parade where Silver Stars and Bronze Stars were awarded for actions dating as far back as Vietnam. It was less a commemoration and more of a celebration.
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