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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
There was a guy behind the hotel bar last night, who looked as though he was in his early 20s, who had a poppy (on a stem) tattooed up the length of his inner left arm from wrist to elbow, with the words "Lest we forget" in large script...
I admit I don't really understand the problem. I don't know anyone personally (that I met) who died in the Holocaust, does that make it inappropriate to shed tears for them when at a memorial? To imagine the suffering a person went through in their final moments (or years), even if you don't know them personally?
At an old graveyard, I came across headstones for very young babies that had died, and one that coincided with the death of the mother. I felt empathy for her despite obviously not knowing her and never knowing of her prior to seeing this graveyard. I think this is a natural extension of human empathy. I understand that the romanticization of war as a concept is a problem, and thus romanticizing the deaths of soldiers, but I don't think the lack of direct personal contact is a problem.
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