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It seems to be (as far as I watched, admittedly not to the end) almost entirely from a prosecutor (or plaintiff) point of view. I would have been much more interested in the other side. For example, I'm pretty sure almost anyone without a law degree would guess that too much overtime or minors signing contracts are naughty and can get one in hot water but we also know it happens every day.

The whole point of the movie (IMO) is to go way over the top so none of that is surprising to me. The contract, for example, goes down to fine print that can't be read. We know it's not legal. That's the joke of the movie. But EULA's are written very much like that in many cases. Even if one could spend the time, no one does. So I would have liked to know what a good lawyer would argue in defense of each of these (rather extremely obvious) offenses rather than "Oh, boy, he'd really be in trouble for that..." (Gee, really? Who knew you can't boil a kid alive in chocolate?? Thank you, lawyer.)
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