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Originally Posted by DrRocket View Post
I absolutely reject your inference of ill and selfish intent.
I directly quoted you in my previous post. You chose to use words and phrases like "interrogate" and "he'll spook out, and disappear again". Your wording appears to repeatedly reinforce that you want this information and/or connection and that your brother does not. If that was not your intention I apologize, but again, you used extremely strong and specific wording.


None of us, save for the one brother who did contact him have called him, We are not going to until he says it's OK. We've all already agreed we'll not ask any questions as to why he felt the need to leave as he did. If he doesn't want to talk to me, I'll not call him.
Not all of this information was not in your original post, and has a considerably different tone than your first post.


Clarified my own wording.

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