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Originally Posted by DrRocket View Post
For the moment, only the one brother is talking to him. We found him. He didn't reach out to us. We're afraid if we all try and contact him at once, and interrogate him about when what and why, he'll spook out, and disappear again.
My sympathy goes out to your brother. Just having contact with one member of a group he clearly does not want to interact with may be extremely stressful to him, and the very idea that you and other family members feel that you want to "interrogate" him makes me deeply uneasy. The idea that your family members would potentially pressure him so much that you believe it would make him give up his job and his home of nearly 20 years is appalling to me. Assuming that your brother is mentally healthy and competent, and you have at this time given no reason to assume that is not the case, he has every right to live the life he has chosen and any contact (or continued lack of it) should be firmly in his control.

You said that you wanted to know if he was alive and well, and you have that information now. You got what you wanted, please do not potentially destroy your brother's life just to ease your further curiosity.
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