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Originally Posted by E. Q. Taft View Post
Hmmm -- I wonder if it would change things if I grew a beard.
Well it worked for me... Although most of the spontaneous comments or compliments I get on mine are from men. Sometimes from women, too. When it gets complimented by men, I definitely think it's because it turns out I can grow a better beard than most men, and they're a bit jealous. I think the friend who originally persuaded me I should grow a beard did so because he wanted to grow one himself but can't.

And although clearly women have rather mixed reactions to beards, the women who do like it seem to pay more attention to me than any women did without it, so that makes up for any off-putting factor...

(My beard featured two or three times in the interviews for my current job. One guy, when he first saw me on a video conference call, called it "magnificent"; then on a later round, during a lunch interview, one of the women spontaneously said that there was one other guy in the company who might have a beard as good as mine - and back in the office later, I was introduced to him, and somebody sitting nearby asked if beard standards were part of the new criteria for recruitment. The other guy and I are by no means the only two men in the company with beards. And yes, I do seriously think that it was a factor in getting me the job, even though the comments were fairly jokey and throwaway compliments).
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