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I got one of these for Christmas, since apparently I'm hard to shop for, and just got it back. Yes it means they're going to sell my clones to the military industrial complex, and show me genetically specific pop-up ads, but whatever.

Originally Posted by Esprise Me View Post
I've been surprised by how many of my clients have already shelled out for one of these tests, or are eager to do so. I understand they're pretty expensive, and in any case, getting a result that you have Native American heritage doesn't mean your child is eligible for membership in a tribe. But in any event, I've yet to meet someone who took one of those tests and didn't get a positive result for Native American.
The further back you go, your ancestors grow exponentially, so it's plausible that lots of Americans really do have trace amount of Native American ancestry. But count me as someone who didn't. I got 0% Native American. 98% European and 2% Middle Eastern. Which is mildly surprising, since the branch of my family that I have the most complete information on came to the US in the 1600s from Wales, and some lived in early Caribbean colonies. That's 10+ generations, which could mean hundreds of ancestors in the Americas. It seems very likely that some of them could have been black or Native American in all that time, but apparently not.

The bulk of my ancestry was entirely unsurprising. 75% Irish, Welsh, or Scottish. However the smaller components were not what I would have guessed, or easily explained. I got around 1/8 Scandinavian, and 1/8 various Mediterranean, which is almost exactly a full great grandparent each, but I can't reconcile either with any of my great grandparents. And the other surprise is 0% French. One of my great great grandparents was supposed to be French by way of Louisiana. Maybe she was just culturally French. Or someone passed on incorrect information about her history or someone's parentage. Or it's just the margin of error and the test is not good at figuring out ethnicity.

Regardless of how accurate it may be with these sorts of things, it did correctly identify that I was 4% related to a second cousin, and 26% related to my uncle. So it can at least do that much.
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