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As a Steeler fan, I always wondered what would have happened with the Immaculate Reception with replay. There were two potential issues: that the pass bounced off a Steeler and not Jack Tatum of the Raiders which, with the rules of the day, would have meant an incomplete pass. The second was whether Franco Harris caught the ball before it hit the turf.
I think it hit Jack Tatum and that Franco made a shoestring catch, of course. And I have never seen film evidence that strongly indicated anything else.

This controversy reminds me of the times in which we are living (in the US), where evidence can be presented, but ignored, by true believers in one side or the other...

BTW I agree with Erwins, the Saints had chances to win the game, but didn't. New England never gave the ball back in their OT win, much as I dislike Belichek and Brady.

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