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Ugh. This article about sums it up for me:.

I hate how a bad call (or non-call), which IMO happen in every game, always gets blown up into "The Call That Cost Them The Game!" in the postseason. Bad calls are part of the game. The Saints had bad clock management, got a bad call, still took a 3-point lead with less than a minute left, and got away with a facemask against Goff, all in the last minutes of the game. (So, ignoring the earlier leads they blew). Then, when they escape regulation with a tie instead of a loss (due in part to the facemask non-call) and they get the ball first in OT, they turn the ball over and lose the game.

Could the call have made a difference? Of course. But so could a hundred other things. The Saints cost the Saints that game. I really hope they don't make PI reviewable now.
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