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Originally Posted by E. Q. Taft View Post
Agreed. I don't think a blown call is reason enough, or they would have had to reverse a LOT of games. This may be a particularly egregious example of one, but there have plenty of others that probably determined a game's outcome.
You are right in the fact that there are plenty of others. But most blown calls are understandable in how the official made the call. It may have been bad angle, blocked view, a questionable judgement, miscommunication, or inattention. This is the result of human nature and limitations. I referee junior football, and I'm rather junior, so, I have my viewpoint from the sidelines as either Line Judge or Head Linesman. I've made wrong calls. I've missed calls. I've made calls that the Head Referee has reversed. But, I can put my hand on my heart and say that I made the call as I saw them.

This was not a questionable call. Unless the Line Judge or Head Linesman was looking at something completely different altogether, they blew a call that was cut and dry.

But, your point is valid. If they do it for this one, the floodgates may very well be opened for the Line Judge who places the ball in a spot that appears questionable to have the game result reviewed.
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