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Whether or not any one thinks it's respectable is really beside the point. Respected researchers published it in several respected publications and it's been discussed as a serious (if, some say, unlikely) possibility in several others. Anyone who wants to diss it can do the same. I think it's notable that so far few if any have really made a dent in their principal findings. Now, that doesn't say anything about aliens or light sails but it does mean no one knows yet. I think scientists and ordinary people should be OK with that. (If not, that's fine too, of course.)

These strange extraterrestrial signals have so far come in two types: Quickly and plausibly identified or taking a decade or two of new discoveries and thinking before a likely candidate arises. None of those likely candidates (after more is known) have so far have turned out to be likely from alien life but I don't think that will last forever if our own life form is able to stick around a bit (like a century or so) longer. I think there's still enough data for others to add to the discussion one way or the other and perhaps some other phenomenon or something not yet noticed will solve its mysteries and maybe the answer will be that it was likely this was our first signal from out there.
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