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I don't think it should have been not respectable in the first place.

It seems to me that it's a matter of how one talks about alien spaceships.

If Loeb were saying 'this odd object is definitely an alien spaceship' -- I agree that would be absurd. We didn't manage to get a good enough look at it to tell any such thing.

But the article reads to me as if what's being said is more like 'this object is odd enough that, in addition to considering the probability that it's a natural object, we can't entirely rule out the possibility that it's the result of some alien technology'.

And it doesn't seem to me that we got a good enough look at it to rule out that possibility, either. It's a real shame we didn't somehow manage to notice it in time to get some sort of camera out there.

It's a very large universe with a whole lot of stuff in it. It seems to me rather more likely that we aren't the only creatures in it making things than that we are. That doesn't of course make it particularly likely that any specific object was deliberately made -- but to flat out say that we mustn't even consider the possibility doesn't seem to me to be good science.
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