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Intelligent Design proposes some kind of designer of all life. I hardly think that is an apt comparison to a space probe, which we have observed plenty even though so far they've all been our own. We don't know how many there are out there in the galaxy but we know that number is definitively not zero.

The SETI program has been criticised in the same way. Why should we look for life signals when the chances are so slim? Because we don't know if the chances are slim or not. It is wrong to assign probabilities without knowledge. The Drake Equation uses the little knowledge we do have, and some assumptions, to try to get a range of probabilities. That's not what the critics have done here as far as I can tell. Aliens=farfetched is not a scientifically supported reaction to these hypotheses.

This is more like an unknown signal from space. If it resembled other signals thought to have a natural origin, yes, it would be reasonable to say the probability is low. But it doesn't. On the other hand, it's the only interstellar object we've ever observed so we simply don't know if it's an oddly shaped natural object or something else.

My point is it's OK - it is scientifically sound - to say we don't know! In the case of Intelligent Design and, well, biology including its origins, we do know quite a bit. We don't know much if anything about interstellar objects.
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