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Originally Posted by ganzfeld View Post
It's not a claim. It's a hypothesis.
So is intelligent design, and if you’re suggestive enough, the evidence against might as well be the evidence for, so *shrug*.

So far, the random space debris we do know about well enough to point to a source/cause/origin/whatever for is either natural or it's man made. It is true that we do not have any prior confirmed transtellar objects to speak to from a statistical standpoint, but from a "here’s what we understand about nature, the observed universe, and what’s been detected to date" standpoint, I think it’s safe to say that it is more likely random/natural space debris than it is anything intelligently designed. To the point that it’s a very low probability for design.

Most matter in the solar system—almost all, like, to the point that man made objects are negligible—is the result of natural processes. Just on its face, it seems safe to assume that is most probably the case for matter transiting between star systems as well. Absent evidence to the contrary.

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