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Default Oldest person in the UK: How has life changed?

She's not the oldest in the world, she's "only" 112; but this is an interesting article anyway, not least for the fact below:

Mrs Jones is not the first Grace, nor even the first Grace Jones to take the title of oldest person in the UK - she shares a name with a former oldest person in the UK, who died aged 113 in 2013.

It looks like being called "Grace Jones" is as reliable indicator as any that you're going to live to an extreme age! The more famous Grace Jones still has 40+ years to go. Also:

Mrs Jones, whose daughter is organising a party to mark her 112th birthday, knows exactly how the day will end.

"I always have a little drop of whisky and water in bed at night," she says. "Just a drop, and that's all, but I never miss it."
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