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Royalty The Argonath in Australia (aka "Slot Canyons")

I saw the following on Twitter yesterday:

(And here's another example on Twitter.) To any LotR fan it's clearly the Argonath from The Fellowship of the Ring. I searched on Google and found this photo on several Pinterest pages (e.g., here, here, and here), a page on Tumblr that links back to Pinterest, and a a Polish-language page.

From what I can tell it goes back to at least March 2014 on Twitter and on Pinterest back at least to August 2014. In addition, it's occasionally claimed to be the Yangzhee River in China. From what I can find it seems to be concept art by Craig Mullins although I can't find it on his website.

I assume the Twitter accounts that post this image are bots (people correct them but they keep tweeting it) but I'm curious how a CGI image of the Argonath got linked with Australian slot canyons. One of the tweets I linked to above says there was a discussion on the site but I haven't been able to find it.

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