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Originally Posted by BamaRainbow View Post
And why is there no outrage over the gender of the person making the statement?
The statement is outrageous no matter what the gender is of the person who makes it.

Are you surprised that there are women who believe this sort of nonsense? Of course there are. There are plenty of people -- of all genders -- who want to believe that they, personally, could never be raped -- and who therefore want to believe that there are surefire and easy ways to prevent it. (Although whether Przepiorka actually believes it, or only believes the argument will either cause the jury to disbelieve the accuser or will rattle the accuser to the point at which the rest of her testimony sounds defensive and/or confused, I have no idea.)

Or do you just think that we should somehow think the statement is even worse coming from a woman than from a man? Why would it be?
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