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Yes, there's an opinion piece here from somebody who's encountered him before, and basically he does this all the time on all sorts of bills just to be difficult (or "stand up for Parliamentary scrutiny" as he apparently puts it). He's just never managed to annoy quite as many people at once with it before:

Chope will no doubt lean on this defence to explain why he objected to a bill that would have made sexual offenders of perverts who instead of calling their mothers are using their iPhones as their only chance of ever seeing a vagina. He will exclaim that the bill needed more scrutiny. I dare say he will claim he fully supports the bill. I call bullshit on that. He doesn’t care less about women who have suffered this indignity.

I was part of a group of MPs who tried to put forward a bill that would have allowed mothers’ names to be listed on marriage certificates. The Tory MP who was taking the bill through parliament sheepishly approached me and said it wasn’t going to pass because he’d had a chat with Chope who didn’t like the bill because of something some vicar in his constituency had said to him. So our old friend Chope and no doubt an imaginary vicar trumped a nation of mothers. That was that. I searched for him in the corridors of Westminster that day in order to give him a bollocking, but couldn’t find him – it wasn’t a Friday and I can’t say I have ever noticed him doing anything but wrecking bills.
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