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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
I don't know which move thorny locust was referring to, but the change between the two different UBB-style boards wasn't the "big one" for those of us who have been here longest.

When I started posting, there was a completely different system - I don't know what it's called but you don't see it often these days. You didn't need to log in, and you could post under whatever user name you liked, a different one for each post if you wanted. The posts were all listed on a page as links, with replies as links underneath in a tree structure, so if a thread got very long it started to mess up the format of the page and all the reply links ended up squashed at one edge.
Oh wow, I had forgotten about that. I remember I used to browse it but never posted, and I saw Edith D. Bunker but it took me forever to figure out what was going on with that account
I just realized I screwed up part of that - I meant UBB, not phpBB. I think that's what we were on before vBulletin.

Originally Posted by iskinner View Post
I've used Discourse once or twice.

It can be a very wild, wild, west, nearly everything goes kind of place. But it is pretty easy to control one's own channel as long as the moderators do their jobs well.

A nice feature for me, is that it has a robust mobile app version that ties into the same channels as the web version so the forum is more accessible to phones and tablets.

It also has voice chat and users can create tools and add ons to the platform.

Could be interesting, but will definitely be different, very very different.
I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Discord, not Discourse. Discourse is forum software, like what we're using now, in a little different format. Discord is a voice/text chat client that functions as you describe. I wouldn't say it's ideal for the kind of asynchronous, lengthy discussions that this community leans toward.
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