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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
When I started posting, there was a completely different system - I don't know what it's called but you don't see it often these days. You didn't need to log in, and you could post under whatever user name you liked, a different one for each post if you wanted. The posts were all listed on a page as links, with replies as links underneath in a tree structure, so if a thread got very long it started to mess up the format of the page and all the reply links ended up squashed at one edge.
I (vaguely) remember those boards. UBB was a HUGE upgrade.

Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
For a while when it first switched to UBB there was a "shared" user, Edith D. Bunker, whose password we all knew, which was supposed to be used to post links to snopes pages if somebody brought up a legend that had already got its own page, because people used to do this using that name on the "old old" boards. Obviously that didn't last either...!
Ah, Edith and Archie. I remember them well. For you younguns and ferriners, they were named after the lead characters from the 1970s American sitcom All In the Family (that was stolen from a British sitcom).
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