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Originally Posted by Astra View Post
I'm somewhat familiar with Discourse as a platform, and it's not a bad one or anything. I just wouldn't count on anything we currently have transferring like we were able to do with the phpBB move.
I don't know which move thorny locust was referring to, but the change between the two different UBB-style boards wasn't the "big one" for those of us who have been here longest.

When I started posting, there was a completely different system - I don't know what it's called but you don't see it often these days. You didn't need to log in, and you could post under whatever user name you liked, a different one for each post if you wanted. The posts were all listed on a page as links, with replies as links underneath in a tree structure, so if a thread got very long it started to mess up the format of the page and all the reply links ended up squashed at one edge.

Obviously that wouldn't have been at all workable for a bigger community, so snopes switched it to something that (looked like) this one, in February 2000 I think*. Nothing carried over from that, and that marked the start of needing accounts and user names to sign in with. Then a few years later there was a switch from one UBB-style board to a different one, and I think the forum structure, user list and possibly active threads did manage to carry over.

For a while when it first switched to UBB there was a "shared" user, Edith D. Bunker, whose password we all knew, which was supposed to be used to post links to snopes pages if somebody brought up a legend that had already got its own page, because people used to do this using that name on the "old old" boards. Obviously that didn't last either...!

*(eta) 19th February 2000, I guess! Originally my join date was a couple of days after the new board was created, because it took me a day or two to make an account. I'd thought I might have gained a day or two after the switch to the second UBB board when some data was lost and recreated. But I just checked snopes's join date and it's 18th February 2000 so that's probably the exact switch date. I'm not sure if I gained some days, or if I just signed up more quickly than I'd remembered.
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