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Default “God’s Not Dead 3” comes out soon

I fully expect poor arguments and straw athe…wait, wasn’t the movie going to be about a contempt of court case or something like that?

Also, I’m guessing all the “controversy” the church attracted has been offscreen, because nothing in the previous two movies has anything to do with the church’s position.

(Translation for those who don’t want to give Pureflix money: In the first movie, a Christian student is bullied by an atheist professor. Oh, and everyone ends up either dead, rejected or condemned to eternal suffering except for two people connected to the church.

The second movie has a Christian teacher getting fired and sued because atheists are stupid or something like that. Seriously, she answers a pertinent question about Jesus, and proselytises only in her own time, but because teacher-led prayer is banned, she gets the short end. Again, the two church people have barely anything to do with this, and are instead mostly involved in a subpoena-related plot.

Oh, and both of these movies are very loosely based on real court cases)
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