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I've recently had a DNA test done, and just signed up for a second. In the process I also signed up for, for one month.

Ancestry allows each person to build their own family tree. It provides access to a whole lot of supporting documents. These are all legal documents which will give one a half dozen or more generations of family history. That's enough to trace several of my ancestors to 'the boat'. From my own stand point that's enough.

The DNA test I had done tells me about my 'deep ancestry' which compares my DNA that to people in general regions of the world. In my case all my ancestors fall into four regions of Europe, the smallest of which accounts for 5%. I don't know what the smallest percentage they show would be or if there is a maximum number of regions they will show for an individual.

The test also shows a trace of some of my DNA markers which follow a path all the way back to human origins in Africa. Although I believe the information is accurate, its not clear to me why there are only two of these markers. Essentially, I am seeing a trace of two 'random' ancestors.
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