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Originally Posted by NobleHunter View Post

I'm pleased to know these companies are full of it.

Being that part of my family is Irish Catholic, even primary records aren't too useful. It's really tough telling all those Marys apart.
Well there's Proud Mary, the Virgin Mary, Mother Mary, Cross-eyed Mary; Mary with her little lamb; the Quite Contrary one, et al.

My paternal uncle was way into genealogy long before it was cool. He gave me parents this thick green book that just listed names and dates. The most interesting part was the page where my name was listed. Other than that, it was a real eye-glazer. I do know that my dad's ancestors hailed from England, Wales and Scotland and my mom's ancestors were German. So I'm a Scots-Irish woman waving a German flag. Must explain why I like Dobermans.
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