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Again, you really wouldn't need to power the front wheels (manually or otherwise) to do that if the rear wheels were being powered in opposite directions. The rear wheels certainly seem to be turning in opposite directions.

The question is really what needs to be done to the car in order to switch it from "rear wheels both going forwards" mode to "rear wheels turning in opposite directions" mode. (eta) And also, possibly, from "front wheels at sensible driving angle" mode to "front wheels at 90 degrees to forwards" mode, although to me that seems more straightforward, as it were - I don't see why it has to be anything other than an extreme steering lock. It seems clear that it must involve more adjustments than they're pretending, and the guy sitting in the back doing something to enable it, but I don't see how we could tell any more than that just from looking at the video. The trickery involved isn't video trickery, except for the somewhat disguised cuts...

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