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Originally Posted by overyonder View Post
As for the rear, it's quite possible to use what's called a cutting brake, which is in effect 2 independently actually parking brakes. Instead of having one pedal or handle that is split to both wheels, 2 handles are used, one to each side. That's fairly common in sandrails (aka "dune buggies").
It's entirely standard on farm tractors. When making tight turns, one steers with the brakes as well as with the steering wheel.

-- since people driving farm tractors often turn much more frequently in one direction than the other (circling through the field in a pattern requiring turning primarily in one direction), one brake often wears more than the other, and if one's going down the road at some speed and needs to step on the brakes it's wise to be aware that stepping on both equally may slew the tractor sideways. I don't know whether that's a problem with sandrails; very likely the particular driving pattern that wears one brake more than the other only comes up in open field operations.
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