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Originally Posted by RealityChuck View Post
The two castles don't look alike. Cinderella's has far more turrets and towers. In addition, the German castle's turrets are cylinders; Cinderella's are very slightly conical so that it looks taller and further away than it really is.

Wikipedia indicates the design was based upon several castles.
What I've heard before was that Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty castle, not Disney World's Cinderella castle, was the one based on Neuschwanstein. IMO, the shape of the Sleeping Beauty castle (photo here) does bear a strong resemblance to the upper part of Neuschwanstein (photo here).

Originally Posted by ganzfeld View Post
What links Neuschwanstein to the logo is that it was just as kitschy retro when it was built as Disneyland's a century later.
That, too. When my family took the tour of Neuschwanstein, we joked that King Ludwig must have been reincarnated as Walt Disney. Not only did finally got to finish one of his beloved castles, but he figured out how to make a profit on them instead of going into debt!
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