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Comment: Hi I am someone that lives in canada that knows a person that
does fraud or Nigeria 419 his name is uyigue okhomina born march 1 1977 I
have told the rcmp, local police and the fbi about what he does and no one
does anything they say they want to stop it but do nothing he has stole
millions from ppl I know he has gotten at least 2 or3 hundred thousand in
one scam from lawyers he used to send his money thru china then into
canada to his person acct. It seams as tho all ppl talk about is we need
more what more can I do he has all of his computers in his house where he
live on glen everest rd in toronto go take them and look in them his
phones that he does the scams from are in there as well. I feel as tho ppl
want to stop it but always have a reason to not do it expesily when they
have a name of a nigerian man now a land canadian that is going it and
know one listens
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