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One of the assumptions that I recall from Christmas 2005 on the ULMB (though obviously I could have false memories as well) was that saying something was a betrayal or lying meant that they necessarily felt betrayed or that anyone felt betrayed for that matter. Yet not all betrayals or lies are considered betrayals or lies to the people who experience them. (Here perhaps there is a difference of opinion as well. Some people may feel that if no one ever feels betrayed then it canít possibly be a betrayal. But the other opinion is valid.)

Another issue is that there are, IMO, people who did feel betrayed at the time but nevertheless admitted that they didnít think it was harmful or bad; they (for example) just didnít personally think it should be done. As I recall, this also got lumped in with the Santa haters.

There may have been one or two people who said it was bad as well. We do have members who say ďa lie is a lie and lies are harmfulĒ. (Holiday greetings to Joe!) Not a very controversial statement but when it comes to Santa, people seem to get extremely defensive to the point that take that as an exclusive attack on Santa.

Maybe these are my memoryís straw men but my frustration during the argument was real. Iím confident that accusation of harm was assumed even when it wasnít being suggested by that particular person.

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