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I'm still hooked on Battlefield 4. It was good a year ago, but it's getting better and better with each update.

At the same time, they were having a featured sale on something I'd never heard of called Kerbal Space Program, which, for those of us who have been playing PC games long enough, is sort of like someone took Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space and remade it with Minions.
You'll like Kerbal Space Program, it's a wonderful game, and great education as well. Much of the basics can be learned simply by doing, but when you come to orbital mechanics, Scott Manleys videos are by far the easiest to understand.

I also strongly recommend the mod MechJeb, which is an autopilot which can help you do some manouvers. It greatly helps you understand what you need to do to achieve what you want to do (such as interplanetary transfers, which I tend to bungle up big time if I try them by hand).

I must have spent like 500 hours on that game, building the most amazing spaceships which sometimes don't break apart and blow up within seconds of launch (it doesn't help that I make my ships 50-100 times heavier than most players...).
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