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Some friends gave me a $50 Steam gift certificate for Christmas. This was nice timing, as I had just been contemplating finally getting around to buying Skyrim. So I've been playing that for the past week or so -- not too deep into it yet (I expect -- I'm around level 9) but it is pretty absorbing. Fortunately it's been around long enough that I can go to the web for hints on some of the less obvious stuff.

At the same time, they were having a featured sale on something I'd never heard of called Kerbal Space Program, which, for those of us who have been playing PC games long enough, is sort of like someone took Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space and remade it with Minions. The Kerbals are odd looking little creatures like that who speak (when they do) in gibberish, but they're pretty much in the background -- basically, you're managing their space program. In career mode, you start with a one-Kebal capsule, a solid rocket motor, and a parachute, and you take contracts and research new technologies to work your way up. I haven't gotten past simple orbital missions yet, but apparently you can explore their whole star system if you persevere. (There's a sandbox mode that gives you access to the whole range of technology and no budget restrictions, and a 'Science' mode that's kind of in between, where you have to research new tech but don't have to worry about budget or prestige.) It's pretty cute, and apparently the orbital mechanics are a fairly good simulation. It definitely has the old Civilization problem, though: "Well, one more launch before I go to bed....well, maybe just one more......" etc. etc.
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