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Originally Posted by Sue View Post
It was Gilbert, Goodman and Metcalfe that I seriously wondered about. The other cast members don't seem to have worked much in the entertainment industry since the original Roseanne - can't really blame them for jumping at the reboot. The others though, I just don't know what they were seeing beside $$ signs.
And Johnny Galeck (? spelling).

That was the main reason I tried to watch the first episode. Yes I said tired. To see who had come back. Cause those we have mentioned have pretty successful current careers.

And also to see how they explained that weird final season of the original run of the show, not to mention that frankly bazaar final show.

This has been big news in Oz. Mostly the shows I have watched have been in agreement with the cancelling.

I admit I did watch the original show back day, it wasn't until the watched it in repeats that I noticed how aggressive Roseanne was and how she could make nasty comments about characters but they couldn't return the aggression.

I did notice that Becky husband hadn't returned, he had died. Did the actor say "Thank-you but no" I wonder? (Goggling today would get very little on the original run of the show or on anything to do with it but stories on the cancelling of it I am guessing.)
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