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Reading The Parking Ticket Awards

As he was stretchered off with serious leg injuries into the ambulance, his crumpled scooter was being given a 100 parking ticket by a traffic warden - who simply strolled away without even glancing at her hapless victim.

That tale would get a nod in empathy from retired blacksmith Robert McFarland of Skipton, North Yorkshire, whose horse Charlie Boy got a ticket stuck to his nose (under the heading "vehicle description" the traffic warden scribbled "brown horse").

advertisementAs it would from pet-shop owner Cliff Chamberlain from Eccles in Manchester, who was unloading his van and left a rabbit called Bugsy in its hutch outside the shop. Bugsy copped the fine.

Bus driver Chris O'Mahony would also raise a wry smile when hearing these yarns. He was given a ticket for bringing the number 77 Manchester to Moston service to a halt at a, er, bus stop.

The traffic warden simply joined the queue of embarking passengers, hopped on board and proudly handed over a sample of his best work.

While these tales all seem to have a touch of the urban myth about them, they are (apparently) absolutely true.

They are recounted in The Parking Ticket Awards, a collection of stories unearthed by parking campaigner Barrie Segal which will be published as a book.
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