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Comment: I forgot to give you the toys today.
It was great seeing you today. That green tea was great. You look too skinny, but healthy. I forgot to ask how Zack is doing. Glad you stopped by to see him.
Don't ever support or protect Mike. He was planning on killing me and calling it an accident. That became apparent when he told the judge I ASKED him to choke me during sex. He was going to say it was an accident. Don't EVER support or protect that sick bastard from me. We need to protect each other from HIM. That's why I got so upset at Thanksgiving

Get back to Aunt Marylou and keep her mind active with info and curiousities.
I'm off to bed. Work tomorrow. Molly and Rocky had big dinners and are asleep. The horses just EAT all night to stay warm. I put them away last night, but they were so active tonight, I left them out.
Are you going to see Jess next weekend? Tell her hi for me.
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