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I don't know about the religious folk around where I work, but my company has a "no soliciting" sign on the front door, two inches above the handle.

Mostly when a salesman comes in, if we're not swamped by people, we let them run their mouths until they ask how many we want, then we ask them if they sell signs. Big signs. When they ask what kind (and it usually doesn't matter what they're selling, they always ask what kind), we tell them a bigger no soliciting sign than the one we point out on the front door.

Now, if we're swamped, we ask them to be patient, we'll be right with them. As soon as the last paying customer leaves, the phones are answered, and all paperwork is done on the customers, we turn and ask them for the sign. Usually it's 1/2 an hour of their time, wasted.

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