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We're Jewish, and so we have a mezzuzah on our doorpost. I've been told that Mormons know how to spot them, and leave Jews alone. This may be true, because even when I've seen them in the area (like when I'm going to the mailbox), they've never knocked. JWs, and some other Christian denominations do come by, though. I used to just say "I'm not interested" as soon as I saw who they were, and they went right away without a fuss. Since I had the baby, though, I've had a "no missionaries, no solicitors, no knocking unless you're UPS or USPS and must have a signature." This is because when someone knocks, the dogs start barking, and if the baby is sleeping, he wakes up, not to mention that I try to nap when he takes his long midday nap, because I'm so often sleep deprived, and I wake up as well.

I had a friend who worked nights, and had a sign up that said "Day sleeper, do not knock; Exception: UPS." She never had a problem with people knocking, and I lived in the same building, so I know that we used to get people coming by all the time.

So the signs do work.

I'm not sure that even if I had the standing to sue someone, I would. But I probably could make them feel bad by coming to the door in sweats and mussed hair, holding a crying baby.
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